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Compliance with various laws on handled materials.

Itochu Plastics Inc. handles not only plastics, but also various materials. Among these, there are many products that change the role they play in supporting important social life functions (e.g., food containers, living infrastructure supporting daily living and human life). In addition to quality control of these handled materials, an independent research institute strictly reviews and examines materials upon introduction to ensure that they meet the necessary standards of relevant laws and regulations before said materials are added to the product lineup. Furthermore, through daily database management, on-site initiatives, etc., we always aim to ensure that even after introduction there is no deterioration in material quality and that materials meets the standards of newly enacted laws and regulations in order to deliver safe materials that customers can use with peace of mind.

Implementation of various training sessions to ensure compliance.

In order to ensure the compliance of each employee of Itochu Plastics Inc., we regularly hold workshops regarding relevant laws, etc. as needed during normal working hours. We regularly conduct questionnaires to our overseas supply chain along with Itochu Corporation for the purpose of investigating whether there is any involvement in illegal employment or organizational activities. If problems are discovered through the questionnaires, we aim to achieve improvement through dialogue with suppliers and also require suppliers to strictly ensure compliance.