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Basic Mission

Global environmental issues such as global warming are issues concerning the survival of mankind.
Passing on a better earth so that the next generation can live abundantly, safely, and securely is an urgent task. We regard global environmental issues as one of the most important points of our management policy.
In order to realize our corporate mission of "providing lifestyle comfort and convenience with chemical and plastic materials; a corporate culture of integrity propelling us forward together," in our environmental activities also, we promote "corporate activities that aim to achieve a better balance between better global environment and economic growth by providing reliable materials" and our employees work together to protect the environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Action Guideline

We provide various products mainly for packaging materials, plastics resins and products, and electronic materials, not only for domestic businesses, but also for import and export. In performing these trading activities, we periodically evaluate the environmental impact, set and review environmental objectives, make continual improvements to the environmental management system, make efforts to prevent environmental pollution, and have established the five action guidelines concerning environmental preservation as follows.

1.Consideration for the environment

All employees shall be aware of the environmental impact of their business activities, and work to alleviate or prevent environmental contamination.

2.Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We shall comply with all laws and regulations regarding the environment as well as other requirements previously agreed upon.

3.Promotion of environmental preservation activities

In the course of our daily business activities, we shall keep environmental issues at the forefront to ensure our company’s activities allow the production, distribution, recycling, and disposal of products in ways that are kinder to the environment, contributing to the protection of ecosystems and achieving carbon neutrality through reducing energy and resource consumption and contributing to the creation of a recycling society.

4.Coexistence in society

As good corporate citizens, we hope for contributions to society and the prosperity of the next generation, and shall provide support for research into conserving the global environment along with the Itochu Group.

5.Promotion of educational activities

In order to implement environmental conservation activities, it is important to raise the environmental awareness of every single employee and ensure a proper understanding of environmental issues. Based on this thinking, we actively encourage employees to participate in environmental educational programs. Efforts are also being made to share environmental information with interested parties, and promote activities that are friendly to the global environment.

These environmental policies shall be documented and distributed to all employees, and also made public.

Hidenori Hayashi
President & CEO
April 1, 2021