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Promotion of the supply and development of essential materials for state-of-the-art electronic equipment.

We supplies advanced electronic device materials for better life.

In the field of electronic device materials, where performance is constantly improving, ITOCHU PLASTICS handles a wide range of advanced functional chemicals and semiconductor-related materials used in IT equipment and mobility-related products in the fields of "ICT," "Mobility," and "Smart Energy.
We create more affluent lifestyles for the future. The market for electronic device materials that support these technologies is also expanding on a global scale.
ITOCHU Plastics aims to open up these possibilities and become an electronics specialist group that leads the times.
ITOCHU Plastics has also established sales bases by utilizing its own overseas bases and the global network of the ITOCHU Group. ITOCHU Plastics is promoting its business globally through various activities such as strengthening the supply chain at each of its bases.

Supply of display-related parts to meet the diverse needs of state-of-the-art electronic equipment on a global scale

We promote carbon neutrality to achieve a sustainable society.

The supply of semiconductor materials indispensable for electronic devices is one of our main business.
In addition to handling conventional silicon semiconductor materials, ITOCHU PLASTICS promotes the supply of compound semiconductors, which are indispensable for next-generation electronic devices. We, with universities and other research institutions, actively develop materials for high-performance semiconductors and other new fields, such as materials for automotive, artificial intelligence (AI), communication systems, and other industries requiring cutting-edge technologies.
In addition, through the handling of power semiconductors and other energy-saving products, we aim for a sustainable society and promote carbon neutrality through environmentally friendly initiatives.

Research and development of next-generation semiconductor materials in cooperation with research institutes

Major Products Handled

  • Various display-related materials
  • Various semiconductor-related materials
  • Compound semiconductors (e.g., GaN substrate, GaN epi, GaN template, GaAs epi, KNN thin film)
  • Secondary battery materials
  • Solar cell-related materials
  • Other electronics materials

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